We help UK retailers build more profitable customer relationships by finding and targeting the right people, complying with regulation, and avoiding fraud
Retail Expertise

UK retailers are leading the way in capitalizing on the digital shopping revolution. Whether you are an online specialist or spanning omni-channel, the pace of change, opportunities for growth (and threats) have never been greater for retailers. To stay competitive retailers need to provide both a smooth customer experience and personalized service while keeping out the fraudsters.

Equifax can help you gain a better understanding of your customers, identify profitable segments and find more people to market to. This allows you to maximize your focus and improve efficiency. With wide-ranging demographic and buyer behaviour data we can help you cross-sell to your existing customers too. Equifax can also verify the identities, addresses and bank details provided by your customers.
Comply with regulation
Retailers offering credit need to make responsible lending decisions and navigate the new regulatory environment. Along with credit checking, sophisticated credit scoring and decisioning, we can help you assess affordability by verifying declared incomes and assessing the customer’s indebtedness. All this helps ensure that you put each customer at the heart of your commercial decisions.

Deal with arrears fairly and trace gone-away clients
Where your customers’ credit payments are overdue, whether you are trying to collect that debt early in the cycle, or selling it on later, we can help you to evaluate how to optimize your resources to maximize returns - while still treating your customers fairly. We can also help you separate the ‘can’t pays’ from the ‘won’t pays’, fill-in missing information and trace gone-aways.

Featured Products and Solutions
Device Verifier
Helping you to protect against fraud during online transactions
Identity Verifier
The market leader in ID verification and authentication
Consumer Credit Reports
Predictive consumer data to help you mitigate risk and maximise growth opportunities
Age Verification
Protect your business with instant age verification checks