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Equifax in UK

At Equifax, we believe knowledge drives progress. As part of a global data, analytics and technology company, we have always aspired to innovate and push boundaries. For every problem, we believe there’s a solution. Sometimes, arriving at that solution happens naturally. Other times, it requires a bit of work. And yet regardless of what the journey looks like, rising to the challenge always starts with the same, simple question… “What if?” It’s how we’ve built our business, and it’s how we continually solve problems for our clients – by asking the questions that count.

What if, we could be more than ‘just’ a credit reference agency? What if, we could make applying for and managing credit easier? What if, we could make people's financial lives better, and fairer for everyone? What if, we could make every interaction, every transaction, a secure one? And what if, we could do all that, and become the only UK-based CRA whose data-powered solutions cover the entire customer lifecycle?


We can. We do. We are.

But it goes deeper. As part of a global company that has been around for 125 years, we’ve seen how our unique blend of differentiated data and advanced analytics has powered intelligent decisions and, more importantly, made room for opportunity – for consumers and businesses alike. And it’s this understanding – this first-hand experience of knowing that behind every piece of data lies a very real, very human story – that motivates and inspires the way we operate. Because we know it’s never really ‘just’ a loan, a mortgage or a new car, it’s the numerous possibilities that come with it. It’s having the freedom to ask, “What if”, and knowing that when you do anything’s possible.

Anything’s possible when you ask, what if?

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