Cloud and Data Fabric
The Equifax Cloud and Data Fabric

We are constantly expanding the depth and predictiveness of our data to help our customers innovate faster and create more effective insights into the people and communities they serve — enabling more financially inclusive opportunities.

The Equifax Cloud™




Real-time Insights

Expanded data depth, velocity, and accuracy to help innovate faster and deliver more effective insights. Customers can quickly integrate new sources and receive the most recent data for more informed decisions.


Multi-data Assets at Scale

Flexible, streamlined, and configurable access to robust differentiated data through our custom data fabric. Easily choose and combine data, attributes, or scores — in keeping with regulatory requirements — to serve specific business opportunities.


Faster and More Efficient Products to Market

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning to enrich multi-data assets and enable high-velocity product innovation and co-innovation. Instant access to a broader range of integrated data and easier access to new product innovations.


Embedded AI Capabilities

Custom built to maintain and manage the large volume of diverse datasets needed to maximize AI performance in risk modeling and identity protection and fraud prevention solutions.


Improved Speed and Performance

Reduce friction, identify opportunities, and solve problems faster, turning what were once months-long projects into days or weeks-long resolutions. Process high data volumes simultaneously to deliver near-time alerts for faster decisions.


Always-on Stability

Always on and always available — leveraging multiple availability zones and multiple regions to help ensure ideal customer computing performance.


Built-in Security

Built in, not bolted on — exceeding an on-premise security posture when combined with the implementation of our industry leading security controls.

Driving Innovation in the Industry

The Equifax Cloud™ is a top-tier global technology and security infrastructure that sets Equifax apart. Backed by a multi-year $1.5+ billion investment, the Equifax Cloud is one of the largest Cloud initiatives ever undertaken in our industry and has changed nearly every facet of our infrastructure. With this Cloud transformation we have created an agile new foundation to develop solutions that are faster, more reliable, more powerful, and more secure than ever before.

Equifax has introduced 100+ new product innovations for four consecutive years.*

*100+ NPIs introduced in 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023.

Leveraging AI for Faster Insights

In today’s always-on world, speed is a competitive advantage. The Equifax Cloud, combined with the power of AI, facilitates faster solution implementation, cloud-native model deployment, and expedited consumer decisioning.

Committed to Security in Everything We Do

As we focus on becoming the only cloud-native data and analytics company, we remain committed to continuing our leadership in data security and building a culture where security is part of our global team’s DNA. From our employee engagement, technology infrastructure, data fabric and product development, to our merger and acquisition strategies, security has become embedded in everything we do.