AML Commercial

Validate organisations and their officers to help protect your business

Validate a firm plus its officers to reduce your exposure to risk

Equifax Commercial AML is a powerful business entity verification solution that supports Customer Due Diligence (CDD), regulatory compliance and helps prevent fraud. Validating a firm plus its officers ensures that the company exists and any potential related risks are known, so you can move forward with confidence.

Equifax Commercial AML verification is delivered using independent, reliable and accurate information, to empower you with a wealth of continually refreshed intelligence. This intelligence offers a deeper level of awareness for your Know Your Business (KYB) evidence gathering process, which is required in line with regulations, when establishing a business relationship.


Key benefits of performing checks with Equifax Commercial AML:

Facilitates regulatory compliance

Equifax Commercial AML verification interrogates a range of robust datasets and incorporates alert database screening to support your CDD

Delivers traceable intelligence

business entity verification uses data obtained directly from Companies House, courts, business directories and includes official public records from The Gazette

Generates transparent outcomes

A 3-digit result coupled with a pass/fail outcome clearly displays the number of positive residency and identity checks you have achieved and also highlights the presence of alert risk indicators associated with a business

Incorporates Equifax Watchlist Check

worldwide watchlists data alongside financial crime analytics help to identify sanctioned companies or those categorised as Special Interest Entities (SIE) involved with high level crime, to help inform your regulatory and reputational considerations

Configurable and flexible

solutions can be streamlined, offering a framework that can be flexible to serve your varying risk policies across different departments 

Regularly refreshed data

data is refreshed daily in our real-time environments and weekly for our batch solution, to ensure matches are always current and complete 

Simple to capture and store

real-time Equifax Commercial AML profile checks can be saved as a pdf to support the retention of documentary evidence when performing verification checks for regulator or auditor requirements

Equifax is regulated by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) as well as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and we strictly adhere to the rules and principles set by these organisations, which ensure we conduct our business as a Credit Reference Agency with integrity, transparency and due diligence. Our extensive data assets are constantly maintained in compliance with GDPR requirements and the information we provide is accurate and suitable for verification purposes.

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  • The business exists
  • You’re dealing with a genuine business
  • There are no reasons not to transact with them
  • Comply with AML regulations
  • Protect your business from financial loss
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