Daily Alerts

Equifax Daily Alerts monitors your customers on a daily basis and alerts when there is a change to their data, focusing on those changes that are most likely to have an impact on your customers' circumstances. The provision of timely and relevant data means you can make better decisions without the information overload.

Key Benefits

  • Receive data in a more timely manner

  • Reduce loss rates

  • Brand reputation

  • Identify vulnerable customers 

  • Consumer Duty alignment

  • Identify improving customer circumstances

How It Works


Tailored Alerts

A refined suite of Daily Alerts will ensure you get the information you need without being overwhelmed by data. With a focused suite of alerts designed to highlight key data changes, you receive only the data that matters most to your business, making it easier to focus on actionable insights.


Timely Notifications

Don't wait for monthly updates to your customer data. Daily Alerts ensures you have the data to respond swiftly to changes in your customers' circumstances. This speed is crucial to ensuring you are managing your customers effectively and ensuring you are providing the best possible customer experience.


Informed Decision-Making

Daily Alerts empowers you to make informed decisions. Whether you're in risk assessment, customer management or marketing, having the latest data at your fingertips means you can tailor your strategies to meet your customers' evolving needs.


Holistic Customer View

See the bigger picture of your customers' credit behaviour. Daily Alerts provides insights into their interactions with other credit providers. This holistic view allows you to design strategies that align with your customers' financial activities across the board.

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