Digital Trust

Identify risky devices by revealing hidden connections, suspicious accounts and fraud ring associations before they damage your business.

Product Overview

Digital Trust helps prevent digital fraud without sacrificing the user experience. It identifies devices with evasive behaviours, risky attributes or a history of fraud the moment they connect with your site or app. 

It leverages device history and confirmed fraud reports to track relationships between devices and accounts. Over 65 million detailed fraud reports are available from a global network of 6,000 security analysts providing information on over 7 billion known devices.

And it's particularly effective at adding an independent layer of digital identity when personal identifiable information (PII) might not be available or possibly compromised.
How It Works

  • Check the user's device 'fingerprint' in real time against an extensive global database to identify any associated fraud.
  • Review risky connections, including any devices hiding behind anonymising technology, including proxy servers, encrypted networks and mobile emulators.
  • Make informed decisions to reduce fraud without impeding your customer experience. 


Key Benefits

Make assured decisions more quickly
Capture device insights in real time to identify potential risks by accessing the world’s largest cross-sector network with billions of data points.
Customise your process
Configure the fraud and abuse types you identify as affecting your sector and posing the most risk to your business.
Effective PII alternative
Benefit from a trusted alternative to protect your business when PII isn't available.
Integrate an extra layer of protection
Incorporate seamlessly into your existing systems with JSON API and can work in tandem with our other identity products for even more risk management and assurance.
Competitive and usage-based prices
Select the best product or combination for your needs. And priced by usage, you only pay and get what you really need.
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