Product Overview

Equifax InterConnect centralises and automates your business processes, which means faster and more consistent business decisions, by turning analytical insights into actions.

It includes a comprehensive set of components to streamline the application and risk decisioning process, as well as support ongoing change control and strategy development.

Equifax InterConnect provides you with everything you need in one place with the benefits of a hosted service. Plus, you get access to our Decision Solutions specialists who work with you to build an application processing and decisioning process that suits your organisation’s specific needs.

Equifax InterConnect puts control of automated decisions back in the hands of the risk management and business departments. It is:

  • Consistent – apply rules across all customer-facing channels
  • Compliant – It’s use can help mitigate against risk and comply with AML and KYC guidelines
  • Modular and scalable – buy modules or whole system, scale up or down
  • Data-agnostic – you can bolster our unique Insight Gateway data with your own
  • Integrated – integrate InterConnect with multiple points within your business
  • Comprehensive – can be used across the full account acquisition process
  • Adaptable – you can respond quickly to market conditions without intervention
  • Efficient – reduce operational costs through simpler decisioning processes
  • Intuitive – make changes yourself, without needing IT resource
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