Product Overview

Enabling knowledgeable decisions, making businesses more efficient.

Introducing InterConnect, Equifax’s improved decision system, designed for small and large businesses alike.

InterConnect has been enhanced to ensure that businesses, no matter their size, have a decision solution to help with account acquisition needs. It is a Cloud-hosted solution that offers configurable and custom rules to generate consistent decisions.

As a managed service, InterConnect provides integration, rules development or configuration and advice based on years of data experience.


  • Secure Cloud hosting to reduce integration costs

  • Utilising Equifax Consumer and commercial data

  • Web UI and API accessible

  • On-board pre-defined Equifax scores and attributes

  • Integrated workflow and case management

  • Control Data with role-based access for employees 


InterConnect Flex

Flex is the decision system designed for small businesses who are looking to get started in the world of credit decisioning. Choose and configure a list of rules that we’ve designed and pre-configured with small businesses in mind. These include pre-filtering checks, credit policy and AML rules. Further rule categories can be seen in the InterConnect brochure

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InterConnect Select

Select provides custom decisioning to drive powerful results All standard rules will be available to Select users plus additional rules that are custom-built to meet the business requirements. As a managed service the InterConnect team will understand the needs and desired outcomes of the business to build custom rules, work flows and matrixes.

Additional features of Select are:

  • Custom rules, decision matrixes and flows
  • Import customer data and watch lists
  • Utilise external data sources
  • Customisable branding


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Feature Flex Select
Secure Cloud hosting X X
Import customer data and watch lists X X
Plug in external data sources   X
Workflow and case management   X
Make decisions based on credit risk and ID verification X X
Pre-defined Equifax scores and attributes X X
Rehydration (searches are active for 30 days before being rerun) X X
Pre-defined decision rules X X
Create custom decision policies, rules, matrixes and flows     X
Web UI and API access X X
Control data with role-based access for employees X X
Equifax data, attributes, scoring models and decision outcomes X X
Offline extracts of applications processed X X
Customisable branding and additional attributes   X


Benefit of a decision system


  • Reduce manual processing to save time and money

  • Help to combat fraud and manage regulatory expectations

  • View full audit actions on individual applications

  • Deliver a better customer experience with quicker responses

  • Help reduce collections demand by making initial credit decisions

  • Rules can be chosen to suit business risk appetite