Decision software that helps you provide the best credit outcomes for all.

Who's It For

Head of Credit Risk/Strategy

Implement strategies and rules to assess affordability and deliver the best decisions for you and your customers.

Head of Operations

Gain the ability to automate underwriting and reduce manual resources for quicker consumer responses.

Head of Digital Transformation

Transform how your business responds to customers by reducing the need for multiple systems.

32 billion
interactions collected each year.
400 million
physical address data
55 million
pieces of identity data

Key Benefits

  • Deliver faster customer approvals through automation

  • Improve customer satisfaction by making quicker decisions

  • Ensure compliance by monitoring decisions on one system

  • Reduce “bad” debt by using credit history to assess affordability

InterConnect Allows You To

Reduce Manual Processing

InterConnect can introduce you to the world of automation for customer acquisition decisions. By using bureau data alongside first party data you will be able to automate strategies for specific prospects, speeding up decisions and freeing resources elsewhere.

Remove Multiple Systems

The utilisation of one system as opposed to many can improve the speed of processes and allow your customers to get a decision quicker. The added benefit of one system means different departments have one single source of truth for reporting or investigating decisions.

Start Making Credit Decisions

InterConnect can be integrated with existing software through API for those who simply want to plug in decision capabilities. For those who need new software, InterConnect can help too and it’s even accessible through a user friendly portal.

Benefit From Our Expertise

If you’re in need of assistance with rules sets and delivering optimal results then InterConnect can help. We’ve built the system with pre-configured rules based on years of experience helping clients build decision strategies meaning you’re not starting from scratch.

How It Works


Choose and configure your rules


Test and implement API calls


Enhance applications with Equifax data


Decide the best outcome for the consumer


Analyse outcomes using built in MI


Refine rules and configuration

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Choosing InterConnect

This short video gives you a better understanding of how choosing InterConnect could help improve your customer experience alongside giving you a snapshot of the system and its benefits.

Case Study
Curve Chooses Equifax Solutions

Curve launched a formal business request for proposal (RFP) with multiple credit reference agencies and, despite being close to signing with a competitor, found that Equifax were better able to understand their business model and needs alongside being able to communicate where and how we could add value.

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Ready to see more?

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