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Product Overview

For many organisations, keeping track of individuals is key to the successful operation of their business. Locate can help you to identify your debtors’ whereabouts and enable you to significantly improve your cash flow.

Establish whether your debtor is still resident at their last known address, or whether they have moved – debtors sometimes return mail as ‘gone-away’ when they are still living at the address.

In order to reduce your spend on unnecessary tracing work and allow you to commence collection activity sooner, Locate can rate your debtor’s likelihood of still being resident, or help to confirm that they have moved and when.

Locate can tell you if your debtor has been registered as deceased, so you can avoid causing unnecessary distress or damage to your reputation.

It can also help you find your debtor’s new address should your debtor move house without telling you through a number of sophisticated tracing techniques. Or, where no new address is evident, Locate can supply strong leads for you to follow, such as a new address for individuals associated with your debtor.

In addition, a Financial Activity search will return any addresses where recent financial activity in the same name and date of birth as your debtor has been recorded. These leads, when verified, are an effective way of re-establishing contact with the hardest to find debtors, improving your ability to collect.

Whatever name your debtor is using, Locate will automatically use these name variants in our tracing techniques such as providing you with known aliases, including maiden or married names.

Our Locate data is updated daily and we only use financial activity-based data sources; no marketing data is applied. Our unrivalled history of movements allows you to trace historical debt, thus reducing unnecessary write-offs.

Individual searches can be carried out quickly and conveniently online, and for larger volumes (up to 250,000 records) we offer a user-controlled batch service.

Locate gives you greater control over managing bad debt.

Having worked closely with the collections industry, we have enhanced Locate to address specific industry issues.

Reduce mistracing
Enhanced Locate tracing techniques will give you even greater confidence in the quality of the trace addresses provided.

Focus your resources more effectively
We’ve introduced new reports and a new suite of scorecards to further assist you in segmenting your debtors and determining the best collection strategy to take.

Increased customisation, to enable you to set your own rules
We have developed a new Locate Batch interface and tools which allow you to tailor your tracing and collections criteria, giving you even greater control.

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