Equifax RiskScan

A dedicated solution designed for promoting responsible gambling practices and mitigating the harm from excessive gambling

Product Overview

Ideal solution for gaming companies that are determined to identify warning flags to prevent consumers from becoming overexposed to gambling losses.

RiskScan blends our Risk Navigator score with critical risk event indicators and public data such as country court judgements, insolvency register to assess financial performance that could indicate financial vulnerability of a customer. Based on the assessment, customers are graded into bands that provides a granular segmentation enabling firms to take appropriate risk based decisions.


Key Benefits

  • Informed Decisions

  • Proactively Address Vulnerability

  • Seamless Customer Journey

  • Regulatory Compliance

Transform the way you do business

The United Kingdom boasts one of the world's most significant gambling markets, with more than half of all adults participating in various forms of gambling. 

The UK Gambling Commission, the industry's regulatory authority, now expects gaming businesses and other key organisations to play a pivotal role in reducing the harm associated with gambling. This necessitates the continuous development and improvement of existing practices and the identification of innovative methods to curtail gambling-related harm. 

How It Works


Informed Decisions

Gaming firms do not yet have access to Credit Bureau data and cannot use financial data for consumer assessment. RiskScan empowers the gambling sector to make informed decisions by identifying consumers at risk. By blending our Risk Navigator score with critical risk event indicators and public data, we can identify consumers at highest risk of harm, in a manner that is transparent and explainable.


Proactively Address Vulnerability

With the new solution, companies can proactively address vulnerabilities ensuring regulatory concerns are met and customer impact is minimised, whilst the solution can accommodate future regulatory changes in data availability.


Seamless Customer Journey

Gaming firms want to assess the financial health of consumers without disrupting the onboarding process. Finding a balance is tough. Our solution seamlessly integrates with your consumer journey, ensuring the same user experience, and enabling you to validate a customer within milliseconds.


Regulatory Compliance

Equifax's RiskScan enables you to adhere to regulatory requirements and latest industry standards while supporting your business objectives.

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