At Equifax, we’re building a World beyond Yes and No

Now more than ever, we’re surrounded by noise. There is the ever-present thrum of social media, the constant flow of global news and uncertainty caused by a worldwide pandemic, climate change and rising living costs. It can feel like a very unsettled - and unsettling - time.


Given this context, at Equifax we know that what our clients need is a company that goes the extra mile: a company that is open and honest. This isn’t lip service. Rather, it’s what our clients deserve. Above all, our clients need to work with someone that is more than just a credit bureau and a company that really acts on what it says.


To do this, we have three pillars. These inform and differentiate our work. Above all, they enable our clients to bring to life a world beyond yes and no. 


The first pillar is deep and intense client understanding. How do we create this? An example, we can set up a decision engine faster than any other provider in the market. For businesses that expect the best decisions, as quickly as possible, we make that happen. It’s no surprise then that, on the back of this, more people view Equifax data daily in the UK than the data of any other credit reference agency.


The second pillar is the sheer granularity of our data. For instance, we build our characteristics at address level which then increases the power in predictive models. We’ve the cleanest data too, due to the way we match, load and store data. Following the ethos “find the address, find the data”, we combine all the address variations into one unique reference.


But data alone is nothing without analysis. That’s why our third pillar is around working with our clients to understand and meet their data needs. For example, we’re the only CRA that builds bespoke data blocks (QCB’s) as standard.


What are the results of these three pillars? In the UK alone we work with over 150 of the country’s leading financial players, so our understanding of available data brings real worth to the credit sector. On the back of this data, we generate over 30 million consumer credit report searches each month. Most importantly, the quality of the data decisions has never been at such a high level. Developed using Equifax UK’s largest ever data set, Risk Navigator 5 delivers a 6% average improvement in predictive power.


Taken together, these three pillars give us a far greater insight into our clients’ business to help them get closer to their customers. It means, in short, we’re creating a world beyond yes and no: one with far more detail, nuance and - above all - honesty.


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