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Equifax Ltd agrees settlement with FCA in relation to criminal cyberattack in 2017

13/10/23 - Equifax Ltd announced today that it has reached agreement with the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) in relation to the criminal cyberattack which took place against Equifax in the US in 2017 and which led to the unauthorised access of UK consumer data.

Patricio Remon, President for Europe at Equifax, said:

“Equifax has cooperated with the FCA fully throughout this long running investigation and has been recognised by the FCA for that cooperation, our transformation programme and the voluntary consumer redress exercise we implemented after the incident. Since the cyberattack against our company six years ago, we have invested over $1.5 billion in a security and technology transformation. Few companies have invested more time and resources than Equifax to ensure that consumers’ information is protected.

“We have built one of the world’s most advanced and effective cybersecurity programs. Our maturity level has exceeded all major industry benchmarks, and our posture – the ability to protect our networks, information, and systems from threats - has ranked in the top 1% of technology companies and top 3% of financial services companies analysed, for three consecutive years.”

More information on Equifax’s industry-leading cybersecurity programme and Equifax’s latest Security Annual Report.