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Equifax partners with Juno Women’s Aid charity to combat financial abuse

Leading credit reference agency, Equifax UK, has selected Juno Women's Aid as its local charity partner in Nottingham to help improve financial inclusion for survivors of domestic abuse.

Domestic abuse is at crisis point in the UK and is affecting more the two million people – 1.6 million of whom are women (1). For many victims, lack of independence and control over their finances is a real source of worry and acts as a barrier to escaping from abusive relationships, particularly in the current cost-of-living crisis. Financial abuse can also leave survivors facing high levels of debt and other forms of financial difficulty.

Juno Women’s Aid works with women, children and young people who have been affected by domestic abuse. One of the key objectives of the partnership is helping survivors live their financial best. Therefore, alongside vital fundraising activities, Equifax will be working with the charity to help improve financial inclusion for survivors, with a focus on building up ‘thin’ credit files, providing debt advice and signposting support.

Equifax will be providing workshops to Juno staff and the survivors it supports around debt advice and how to access support services. It will also be collaborating with Juno to drive greater awareness of domestic abuse and financial abuse, including within the debt collection industry.

Perpetrators of domestic abuse often use unemployment as a way to control women, by telling them not to work or making them leave employment. Therefore, Equifax will also be supporting survivors with professional development such as writing CVs and interview skills to help them achieve independence.

Phil McGilvray, Managing Director of Debt Services, at Equifax UK, said: “Domestic abuse affects over two million people in the UK, rendering many victims financially vulnerable and often are having to deal with significant debts. The current pressures on cost-of-living and affordability make this even more severe. Juno Women’s Aid is doing vital work in the community to help tackle domestic abuse, and through our new partnership we hope to make a positive difference for survivors by providing the skills and knowledge to get back on their feet, find employment and regain their financial independence.”

Paula Clarke, Deputy CEO at Juno Women’s Aid, said: “Juno are extremely pleased and excited to work with Equifax. The support that Equifax can provide around finances and debt will make such a massive difference to women and their families, as many women will have also experienced financial abuse as part of the controlling behaviours of their perpetrator. At Juno our aim is to provide support for women, children and young people so that they are empowered and able to live their lives independently, with confidence and free from further abuse and harm.”




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