Commercial Credit Reports

Comprehensive, accurate, real-time commercial information

Product Overview

When you’re investing money, time and effort working with an organisation, you need to be sure they’re as reliable as they say they are.

Our reports provide comprehensive information about a company and its directors helping you make informed decisions on who you do business with.

Our unique analysis of data can provide insight into the people and businesses you deal with. We do this by looking at the potential links of “hidden” directorships within a business, cross-referencing surname, date of birth, public address, usual residential address and identifying close matches to each item to highlight potential risks.

We also have unique insight into location CCJs: those that may be linked to other organisations at the same location as the target company.

This insight can help identify linked companies where fraud and criminal activity have taken place and detect companies that may be set up for money laundering purposes or other criminal activity.

Our Commercial Credit Reports can deliver a complete picture of the financial information, group structure, credit details and fraud information of any organisation you are considering within your procurement process. This means you can be confident that your reputation and investment won’t be at risk, as you only engage with organisations you consider to be genuine and creditworthy.

Commercial Credit Reports can also allow you to receive alerts that notify you of any changes in circumstances, such as director, address, detrimental credit and fraud information. This ensures you have the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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