Contact Refresh

Re-establish communication with your customers by improving the quality of your contact data

Product Overview

Accurate contact data enables you to have relevant conversations with your customers, provide them with a good standard of service and increase your opportunities to develop a mutually beneficial business relationship.

Contact Refresh contains up-to-date telephone numbers and email addresses which can be added to your existing customer files. This allows you to communicate with them and develop a strong relationship throughout the customer journey.

We can append:

  • Mobile numbers
  • Landline numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Accuracy model
  • Recency metrics
  • Frequency metrics

Contact Refresh provides:

  • Accurate data:
    • Contact data can be trusted as it is supplied direct from customers
    • Creation of an accuracy model to select the most reliable contact data containing metrics such as recency of data, frequency of supply and supplier type
  • Extensive coverage:
    • Contains a wealth of customer supplied contact details from approximately 2.5 million credit application searches per month
    • The database consists of approximately 400,000 new mobiles, 200,000 new landlines and new 300,000 email addresses, every month
  • Full transparency
    • The recency and frequency is supplied for all contact details
    • Allows you to set your own accuracy thresholds depending on your business model 
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