Creditworthiness and Affordability Indicators

Combines a borrower’s estimated income with outstanding debt and credit usage to improve lending decisions

Product Overview

Creditworthiness and Affordability Indicators combine insight into a borrower’s income with information on outstanding debt and credit usage to help with responsible and better lending decisions.

Our toolset can help to address regulatory challenges by estimating a borrower’s financial capacity to repay loans. Our solution incorporates information on your customer’s estimated income level, credit balances and usage, to provide a clearer understanding on the customer’s financial situation.
This can be used at point of application and will also enable you to perform ongoing monitoring and management of affordability on existing customer portfolios.

Creditworthiness and Affordability Indicators can help you to:

  • Evidence income
  • Set credit terms
  • Identify early signs of financial distress and changing financial circumstances
  • Reduce bad debt
  • Inform upsell/cross sell strategies
  • Identify next best action


Enhanced CATO

We understand that during turbulent times businesses may need more information about their customers in order to make a more informed decision either during or after a pandemic. Equifax is able to offer an enhanced CATO set of characteristics that can assist you to:

  • Compare pre and post COVID-19 incomes

  • Identify financial vulnerabilities

  • Identify income shock

  • Verify gross/net income over shorter periods

  • Run directional income assessments with multiple RAGs

This solution is available in batch, retrospectively or as XML.


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