Business Insights

Real-time commercial and consumer insights for the commercial lending and credit market

Product Overview

Equifax Business Insights delivers real-time commercial and consumer insights for the commercial lending and credit market. This allows you to automate and optimise your underwriting, lending and validation processes.

It has been designed to provide a holistic view of the business and owners.

Equifax Business Insights can help you:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your business customers, applicants and prospects
  • Make informed business lending decisions
  • Deliver more robust, reliable, real-time lending decisions
  • Reduce reliance on manual processing
  • Deliver cost efficiencies by standardising lending processes.

Equifax Business Insights can help you better respond to and manage a broad range of issues across lending and credit application processing, regulatory compliance, risk management, credit control, credit capacity and customer management evaluation.

This insight can power scorecards and be applied to drive more secure and profitable lending and business decisions and, with additional insight from the three new characteristic blocks: Anti Money Laundering (AML), Finance Agreement Performance (Commercial Insight) and Commercial Risk, can also help enhance underwriting policies.

Equifax Business Insights increases the depth of information on which to base your lending and business decisions, improves the speed of your decisioning processes and reduces reliance on, and cost of, manual underwriting.

This helps you deliver a more robust, reliable and faster decision to your business customers.

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