Fraud Protector

A market-leading fraud prevention solution

Product Overview

Equifax Fraud Protector, powered by Synectics, is a market-leading fraud prevention solution.

Using National SIRA, the UK’s most comprehensive national fraud database, it provides you with information as to whether an individual has been associated with fraudulent applications. This means you’ll only do business with genuine customers.

By accessing data from a number of sources including National SIRA, Equifax Fraud Protector can provide you with third-party insights to strengthen the picture you have of your customers. You can set and change the rules so they’re most appropriate to your business.

You can also more closely scrutinise any applications that look suspicious and choose whether to accept or record it as fraudulent or, where there is a lower burden of proof, as suspect or inconsistent.

And because the data is spread across vertical markets, you have insight into potential first-time fraudsters and high-risk individuals outside your own sector.

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