Kount Control

Account takeover fraud protection that positively impacts customer experience

Product Overview

A good customer journey arguably results in a completed action, be it a sale or any online interaction. But good becomes excellent when the experience is so positive, the customer comes back and utilises your products again. Unfortunately when account takeover attacks, bot attacks, and credential stuffing occur, it can nullify any previous positive experiences and result in lost customers, and lost revenue.

Account Takeover Protection

Account takeover (ATO) fraud with stolen or hacked credentials can do a lot of damage. Whether it is credential stuffing or botnet attacks, ATO attacks can quickly drain loyalty points, steal customer data, or purchase goods and services fraudulently

Equifax, powered by Kount, offers a solution to protect online businesses from account takeover, card testing, credential stuffing and malicious bot attacks, to minimise customer churn and maximise retention.

Kount Control provides organisations with immediate access to intelligence so they identify abnormal activity and can take action to lower their risk exposure. It reduces the risk of attacks at the point of authentication, by being able to identify signals of automation or behavioural abnormalities. The power to mitigate these attacks is put in the hands of each organisation. They can choose to block it entirely or challenge it with multi-factor authentication (MFA) via email or SMS.

Customisable business policies reduce friction

Customise user experiences and reduce friction, by identifying users based on common characteristics, such as user type (i.e., loyal, VIP versus trial users), device specifics, IP risk, geolocation, and more.

Improve customer experience

Kount Control provides accurate digital trust decisions in milliseconds using data about each login event, including device information, the trust status of the device, and geolocation, to more accurately identify a returning customer.

Simplify your account takeover management solution

Kount Control is a comprehensive pre-authorisation solution that can be integrated both in bespoke platforms and marketplace applications. It is available via a simple javascript and API integration. Working from one dashboard integrated within your existing tools, you can implement and start using Kount Control within hours, giving you instant support analysing customer behaviour.

A real life example of fraud protection

"An online distributor of independent music, found themselves manually dealing with high chargebacks and identifying stolen credit cards. After they implemented Kount Control their revenue returned back to normal levels with no complaints of legitimate orders being rejected, and manual reviews dropping so dramatically that a part-time employee could manage. Additionally they saw their chargeback rates plummet from 2.6% to less than 0.1%."

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