Equifax Ignite Apps
Bring your data to life. Simple, accessible visualisations that help you tell a story, monitor trends and make smarter decisions with data.
Make the complex simple
Take complex data from numerous sources and turn it into simple charts and graphs
Take action quickly
Using up-to-date data, interpret insights more easily to take decisive action more quickly
Spot trends more easily
View all available data in charts, alter variables and see trends over time to support important decisions
Communicate more effectively
Ease communication across teams with varying degrees of technical understanding
Bring data to life
Transform data into simple, insightful illustrated graphs, charts, and tables. Ignite Apps allow users to quickly visualise and assess multiple data sources. With direct access to actionable insights anyone can benchmark, analyse performance, visualise data and track markets.
Available online
Search for, access and manage a variety of useful apps via the Ignite Marketplace, an online app store for Ignite Apps.
How you can use Ignite Apps
Monitor market, commercial, consumer and competitor data trends, accessing a wide array of insights through a simple web User Interface.
Create bespoke
Within the Ignite Direct analytics platform we can load raw data and build customised apps on top, giving you ultimate control and visibility of data and your models.
Featured App: Credit Trends
Credit Trends is a portfolio-level benchmarking service that provides insight into your performance and compares this against your peers and your industry.
At a glance
  • Snapshot view
  • End-to-end analytics for faster time to revenue
  • Competitor performance
  • Industry performance
  • Measure trends
  • Customer profile
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