Equifax Ignite is a suite of analytics solutions that will help you uncover the stories in data that start innovation. Whether analysing risk, profiling customers or targeting a new market, Ignite informs your decision making.


Step 1: Explore

Assess the market, access the right data quickly, and manage it at scale with big data tools.

Step 2: Create 

Build data models with a range of analytics and data science tools available in a single environment.

Step 3: Innovate

Validate and deploy your data models, and monitor performance with Ignite apps.

Step 4: Repeat 

Iterate and refine your models for continuous insight and improvement.

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Do you understand the opportunities presented by analytics?
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Accelerate performance with AI
The Equifax Data Science Lab in Atlanta, US, invented NeuroDecision® Technology – the world’s first explainable AI patent in credit risk – in order to help businesses make more accurate credit risk decisions, whilst lending more, more responsibly and meeting regulatory demands. Now this innovative technology for predicting behaviour is available to our UK customers.

Analytics your way


Ignite Models and Scores

We can build configurable solutions specific to your business needs.

Ignite Apps

Off-the-shelf or bespoke apps. Access app-driven insights from our online Marketplace.

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Access market leading tools

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