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Equifax Ignite™ data and analytics suite launches in UK

Cloud-platform redefines access to data and analytics to drive customers’ competitive advantage

Equifax, the consumer and business insights expert, is launching its Equifax Ignite™ solution to the UK market, following a successful launch in North America. An integrated portfolio of data, analytics and visualisation tools, Equifax Ignite enables companies to understand and take advantage of data to innovate and inform their business decisions and strategy. 

Equifax Ignite offers a robust analytics environment, hosted in the cloud. The depth and breadth of data available enables new opportunities to be explored, new insights to be uncovered, and supports data model development.

Equifax Ignite has been built to support the full analytical lifecycle and provide clients with choice and flexibility. It is composed of three delivery methods that companies can tailor to their analytical and business needs:

  • Ignite Direct is designed for businesses looking to extend and enhance the data and analytical tools available to their in-house analytics teams. By giving analysts easy access to data and a range of analytical and statistical tools, businesses can go from concept, to analytics, to model production in as little as 30 days, with minimal impact on their IT department.
  • Ignite Models and Scores uses the unique expertise offered by Equifax analysts, data scientists and consultants alongside the Ignite analytical capabilities to deliver a consultative, tailored approach to solving business challenges at speed. This approach – leveraging Equifax’s deep knowledge around big data, credit risk, marketing and fraud analytics – delivers rapid and actionable data insights for smarter decisions and faster returns.
  • Ignite Apps transform a range of data sources into simple, easy to understand visualisations; making the power of the underlying data accessible to teams from across the business. Ignite Apps help convey deep and powerful stories in a simplistic way, to help drive better and faster decision making.

Equifax Ignite supports the full analytical lifecycle - from data access to visualisation and deployment.  Businesses are empowered to gain the insights they need to support each stage of the customer lifecycle, including:

  • Marketing: Advanced segmentation, targeting and consumer profiling
  • Acquisition: Risk and fraud modelling
  • Customer management: Behaviour and preference analysis
  • Collections and recoveries: Predictive analysis for preventative strategies

From banking, retail, telecommunications and insurance, to fintech and the public sector, Ignite offers data and analytical solutions to provide insights on a company’s customers, their products and their industry. For example, Equifax Ignite Direct can enrich a bank’s customer data with unique Equifax data assets, creating detailed persona models that are used to identify products more relevant to their specific needs.

John Power, Chief Data & Analytics Officer for Europe at Equifax, said: “Equifax Ignite will redefine businesses’ access to data and reduce the time it takes to build, test and deploy models.  The cloud-based environment provides our customers with a flexible and scalable platform where they can easily access and intuitively manage and test multiple data sources, enabling them to easily explore new ideas and opportunities with market leading tools.

“The Ignite suite represents a major progression in the building of more effective credit scoring models for companies across a range of sectors, helping them to manage risk more effectively. The flexibility of the solution, and the fact that it combines data from Equifax and third parties with the client’s own data, means the possibilities are unlimited. Each organisation has the ability to experiment to find the data sets and configurations that deliver the insights it needs to support its business strategy.”