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Equifax InterConnect Flex™ solution launches for utilities market

Cloud-hosted system enables quicker and more consistent decisions

Equifax, the consumer and business insights expert, has launched its Equifax Interconnect Flex™ solution for the utilities market.  A pre-configured system, Equifax InterConnect Flex™ enables companies to adopt a cost effective and consistent approach to finding the right customer tariff and payment terms. The solution is designed to save time, reduce human error, help combat fraud and can help to deliver a better customer experience. 


Equifax InterConnect Flex™ is securely hosted on the cloud and allows companies to configure a list of over 150 pre-defined rules, incorporating and utilising Equifax consumer and commercial bureau data and predefined Equifax scoring models, to make simple and effective decisions. These rules have been designed to cover a wide and flexible range of decision criteria to drive immediate efficiencies.


Processes such as pre-filtering, credit risk assessment, due diligence, anti-money laundering checks, fraud detection and identity verification can be streamlined to the benefit of both businesses and their customers. InterConnect Flex can help utility companies align their desired customer criteria and risk appetite, enabling decisions about customer payment terms or tariffs to be made seamlessly.


Decisions are accessed through an intuitive, user-friendly portal or delivered via an API. The interface features customisable tools that allow users to organise information, workflow and case management, with role-based access to the data tailored to employees.


Craig Tebbutt, utilities expert at Equifax, said: “It’s really exciting to launch a tailored solution for the utilities market. We understand the unique challenges these businesses face around cash-flow, regulation, scalability and new business acquisition, and InterConnect Flex can tackle some of these key pain points.


“It helps ensure a consistent approach to meet regulatory compliance and provides end customers with faster response times and a better experience. With setup ready within one month, Equifax InterConnect Flex™ can help utility companies to grow organically by fuelling more accurate, informed and profitable customer acquisition decisions while reducing risk.”