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Equifax reports a nearly 1% increase in adults registering to vote for the 2012 Electoral Roll - and a 5% fall in voters ticking the opt out box

London, January 2012 - Analysis of electoral registrations for 2012, by leading credit and marketing data expert, Equifax, reveals a 0.8% increase in people registering to vote. There has also been a 5% decline, year on year, in those choosing to opt out of the Edited Electoral Roll. This is the version of the electoral roll used by a wide variety of businesses to verify people’s identity for purposes other than extending credit.

Equifax believes the small increase in those registering on the electoral roll, combined with the drop in opt outs, could reflect the changing economic landscape, with many consumers finding it harder to access new credit in the last 12 months.

“There is, we believe, a general consumer understanding that the electoral roll has a part to play in enabling them to access credit and other financial services”, explained Neil Munroe, External Affairs Director, Equifax. “We think, therefore, that the small overall increase in adults registering on the electoral roll could be a reflection of the more restricted access to credit in the last year or so. Not being registered on the electoral roll at your current address can have a detrimental effect on new credit applications because lenders use this data to verify your identity.”

“Some consumers may also have decided not to opt out of the edited electoral roll for the same reason, although being on the edited electoral roll would not affect their ability to access credit.”

As well as being used by companies for various marketing activities, the edited electoral roll is also becoming more and more vital for businesses offering services online, providing a valuable address and identity verification tool.

“On this basis some consumers who had opted out of the edited electoral roll previously may have found it difficult to access goods and services online and this could have prompted a change in behaviour this year.”

Top 20 Areas for Increase in Electoral Roll Registration

Ipswich 4.3%
Ceredigion 4.3%
Maidstone 4.1%
Grampian 3.9%
Luton 3.9%
Crawley 3.8%
Castle Point 3.5%
Nottingham 3.5%
Sutton 3.5%
Newham 3.3%
Milton Keynes 3.2%
Newcastle Upon Tyne 3.2%
Ryedale 3.1%
Reading 3.0%
Peterborough 3.0%
Manchester 2.6%
Cherwell 2.6%
Canterbury 2.6%
Bedford 2.5%
Brent 2.4%


Top 20 Areas for Decline in Opt Outs

Bridgend in Wales has seen the biggest decline, year on year, in those ticking the opt-out box, with 59.9% of its voters choosing not to opt out for 2012 compared to those who chose to opt out for 2011, followed by Stroud at 45.3% and Dudley at 39.6%. In London, Lambeth has the highest decline in opt outs at just 4%.

Bridgend -59.9%
Stroud -45.3%
Dudley -39.6%
Maidstone -38.7%
Babergh -38.7%
Wyre Forest -36.4%
South Gloucestershire -36.4%
New Forest 35.3%
Salford -34.9%
Portsmouth -34.9%
Gosport -33.2%
Forest of Dean -33%
Torbay -31%
Christchurch -30.6%
Chichester -29.7%
Fareham -29.6%
Caerphilly -28.7%
East Hertfordshire -28.7%
Exeter -28.4%
Barking & Dagenham -28.2%


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