Indebtedness and Income Score

A powerful new score for today’s credit decisions

Product Overview

Our new Equifax Indebtedness and Income Score delivers powerful insight to help you understand the true impact of debt, relative to a consumer’s income, better than ever before.

Our methodology takes a “real-world” approach by segmenting applicants based on their credit file and income levels. We use an income amount that is the most recent, most relevant and, when used with Equifax Income Verification, we believe it is also the most accurate.

Equifax Indebtedness and Income Score helps you make better lending decisions whilst lending more responsibly:

  • Identify and decline applicants that are likely to go bad as a direct result of being over-indebted due to unsustainable credit commitments relative to their income
  • Set more appropriate credit limits/loan amounts with more understanding of the impact of a consumer’s level of indebtedness
  • Monitor the financial health of your customers
  • Develop more personalised decision strategies that assess the likelihood of the consumer going into financial difficulties across all their accounts, not just whether they can make repayments on a single credit line
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