A configurable global collections platform, offering complete end-to-end capabilities.

Product Overview

This solution is supplied by TDX Group and powered by Equifax. TDX Group are UK experts in the debt industry, having supported businesses with their debt needs since 2004. 

Used by over a hundred businesses, including the top 5 banks in the world, CyberFinancial enables businesses to manage all aspects of collection and recovery activities. A configurable platform, CyberFinancial helps organisations improve customer outcomes and optimise their operational costs.

Features of CyberFinancial

  • Automated data driven workflows
  • Design and deploy customer centric treatment paths 
  • Grow the platform as your business does with optional modules
  • End-to-end collections and recoveries capability 

Benefits of CyberFinancial

  • Hosted in a cloud environment for added security
  • Improve business productivity by automating key processes through advanced decision capabilities
  • Insight to enable effective portfolio performance management and operational monitoring 

TDX Group, the UK debt experts

Over 120 clients worldwide including five top banks in the world
Provides a complete picture of the customer situation
Powerful decision engine to enable customer level decisioning
End-to-end collections and recoveries capability
TDX Group, an Equifax company

TDX Group offers end-to-end collections and recoveries solutions with over 16 years of experience within the debt industry across all market sectors including government, financial services and utilities. This unrivalled practitioner experience is further enhanced by Equifax data, knowledge and insights.

CyberFinancial comes with integrated Equifax data as standard allowing our clients to leverage our core data and technology capabilities to make analytically driven decisions to drive better consumer outcomes.

Knowing more about an individual enables tailored strategies and conversations that drive fairer customer outcomes and ensure your collectors are focusing on the right accounts to deliver optimised net returns.

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