Equifax Bank Account Verifier

Efficiently verify your customers' identity and match bank account details electronically.

Product Overview

Equifax Bank Account Verifier is a comprehensive and versatile tool to quickly verify a customer's identity and confirm whether the bank account details they have provided when setting up a direct debit, are accurate and genuine. It searches for, and provides, partial and absolute matches based on their supplied information, allowing you to make the most informed and confident decision.

It's flexible enough to allow clients to perform checks in store, online or over the phone. You can choose to integrate into your own system or we can host separately with a fully customisable interface depending on your requirements.

Works perfectly alongside other products from our Identity portfolio to further validate or authenticate your customers and minimise exposure to risk or fraud.
How It Works

  • Customer supplies information to client; name, address, date of birth, bank account and sort code.
  • We check against billions of data points in near real time, and compare linked and previous addresses to any earlier instances of fraud.  
  • The system produces a match report. We highlight matches and non-matches through the system to allow you to decide the next steps.

Key Benefits

Access market-leading data assets, immediately
High-quality insights to make better-informed decisions, helping you say yes in as few steps as possible.
Streamline your customer journey
Integrate efficiently and fully in store, online, or on the phone depending on your customers' demands.
Increase application success and sales
Make better decisions thanks to more accurate and reliable data of absolute and partial matches. You can verify individuals even if they haven't informed their bank about changes of address or circumstance.
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