Biometric Document Verification

Reduce manual processing and risk with highly reliable, real-time document and facial recognition through customers’ smartphone or web cameras.

Product Overview

Biometric Document Verification is a fast, simple and highly reliable authentication process. It replaces the cumbersome method of physically presenting documents and improves the end-user experience, whilst reducing the amount of paperwork and administration for your team. Results are near-real time, reducing application times from weeks to minutes.

Using web or mobile camera facial scanning methods to check documents and identities, the software recognises over 6,000 global identification documents, including 200 international identity cards and passports. An efficient way of authenticating an identity with a high degree of assurance, it performs multiple, robust security checks, including machine-readable zone (MRZ), eChip, font, microprint and hologram verification, and facial recognition with passive liveness detection.

Fully customisable with four levels of validation; document, selfie, liveness and device, the user interface can integrate and aesthetically match your existing process. And we can add an auditing function to allow underwriters or administrators to review decisions and see why a consumer passed or failed.
How It Works

  • The applicant visits your secure and personalised site with their documents ready.
  • Their device’s camera scans documents and/or faces.
  • The scanning technology provides a pass or fail report in near real time based on your chosen calibration levels.


Key Benefits

Verify and sign up more customers in less time: Reduces application times to minutes as results are almost instantaneous. Spots false, or altered documents, using forensic analysis of multiple features, including MRZ, holograms, layout and fonts.

Reduce administrative burden and risk: Removes the need for physical visits and the laborious process to endorse documents, and removes the risk of fraud associated with manual document verification. Prevents spoofing by matching the genuine customer using facial image capture and liveness detection.

Demonstrates technological advancement: Allows you to show more modern ways of working with technology to ease customers’ frustrations. This is a customer-friendly and convenient verification method which may help attract more new customers as they don’t have to post their documents or visit a branch. 
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