Product Overview

Equifax Real-time Exchange allows you to base your lending decisions on true, real-time application and loan information gathered specifically to meet your needs.

It processes the data you share immediately, so it’s available within minutes, and there’s no charge to share loan data.

The Equifax Real-time Exchange helps you to:

  • Meet FCA expectations to share data in real-time and ensure you base lending decisions on accurate up-to-date information, including taking recent loans into affordability assessments.
  • Know more about your applicants; with our exchange, you make decisions based on a more complete, up-to-date view of their borrowing activity
  • Minimise credit risk by having a real-time, granular view of your customer’s application, underwriting and loan repayment performance data
  • Prevent high-velocity fraud and reduce the number of ‘gamers’ who play the system to take out multiple loans in a short period of time
  • Get your industry-leading, real-time, data-sharing solution up and running in no time by easily integrating the Equifax Real-time Exchange into your system

Lend more responsibly with Equifax Real-time Exchange.