Financial Stability

Helps you lend more responsibly by delivering insight into the financial situation of a consumer

Solution Overview

Equifax Financial Stability is a comprehensive suite of products that enables you to perform robust credit and affordability assessments on new applicants or existing customers. It helps you evaluate your customer’s ability to manage financially in times of severe challenges and, in its event, recover from financial difficulty.

We’ve developed this suite to help you make the best, most informed and balanced decisions possible. By delivering insight into the financial situation of consumers who apply for loans and credit it helps you lend more responsibly, better manage risk, reduce losses from bad debt and meet regulatory requirements.


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Creditworthiness and Affordability Indicators estimate borrower’s capacity to repay loans, by combing insight into income with information on outstanding debt and credit usage to help with responsible and better lending decisions.

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Used in affordability assessments, our automated income verification provides a quick and transparent way to validate a customer's declared income.

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Our Indebtedness and Income Score helps you understand the impact of debt better than ever before, by ranking the level of indebtedness of customers relative to their income.

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