Know Your Customer

Reduce financial risk and help fulfil Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) legal requirements effectively and seamlessly.

Product Overview

As part of our Identity portfolio, we can help you perform rigorous identity checks in near real time without adding complexity to the user experience so you can get to Know Your Customers with confidence, and meet industry and regulatory standards.

Fully flexible and backed up with over 30 years of cross-sector experience and unrivalled data access, you can configure one or more verification products to your exact risk or industry requirements to integrate or replace current processes. We have designed our range of complementary cloud-based tools to help you maintain or raise your competitive edge in the ever-demanding market. Improving your users’ experience as well as your fraud and financial crime protection, while allowing you to make quick, assured credit decisions.

We help businesses say yes with confidence.
How It Works

  • Verify your customers with a range of sophisticated methods.
  • Reduce risk and improve customer experience.
  • Improve, increase and speed up customer sign up.


Key Benefits

Say yes confidently with world-class data at your fingertips
Onboard more good customers and make better credit decisions quickly as we efficiently verify their data. User experience improves, fraud and financial crime controls increase, and exposure to unnecessary risk decreases.
Competitive, fully customisable & off the shelf packages
Select the best product or combination of tools for your needs. The more verification methods used, the greater trust you can place in the outcome. And priced by usage, you only pay and get what you really need.
Easy integration for improved customer experience
Customise the aesthetics, parameters and integrate seamlessly into your existing systems via API integration or use our customisable web interface.
Improve efficiencies in a single contract
With a single supplier arrangement, we can help provide greater value and efficiencies, reducing the time, effort and cost of integrating and managing multiple vendors and contracts.
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