Knowledge Based Authentication

Reduce risk, onboarding time, and further authenticate genuine customers by questioning their knowledge on personal information.

Product Overview

Once you’ve established a client's existence using Equifax Identity Verification, protect yourself from fraudulent activity and impersonation by authenticating your customers further. Pull on a series of 35 knowledge-based questions from a variety of personally identifiable information (PII) sources, including mortgage, loan, credit cards, mobile phone, linked addresses, retail activity and more.

A highly configurable service which asks up to six questions permits lower-level authentication thresholds to maximise answer recall rate and higher rates for more critical and complex authentication. 
How It Works

  • Agree and program your authentication level and recall rate.
  • Ask your customer two to six questions from the data we hold about them.
  • Verify your customers following their recall levels and help complete legal due diligence.

Key Benefits

Identify more genuine customers
Maximise the chance of identifying real customers while minimising input fields by posing questions from a comprehensive range of data.
Configure your pass rates
Choose your pass rates and question intensity based on your required authentication level. Configure from a choice of 35 potential questions on the supplied address. 
Resolve discrepancies and ambiguities more effectively
Identify partial results or anomalies against addresses provided thanks to our interactive address matching.
Competitive and usage-based prices
Select the best product or combination for your needs. And priced by usage, you only pay and get what you really need.
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