Kount Command

eCommerce Digital Fraud Prevention that increases revenue

Product Overview

Rapid growth in eCommerce presents huge opportunities, such as revenue growth, entry to new markets and new customers. However, It has also added additional pain, due to the corresponding rise in fraud attacks. Many merchants are realising they do not have the means or the time to deal with increased fraud attacks. Manually reviewing each transaction is no longer viable.

The right fraud solution for your business needs to balance the operational risks and costs involved when integrating a solution, with how it can impact your customer interactions and experiences. 


Kount Command is an award winning AI digital fraud protection solution that provides merchants with access to a simple dashboard where they can create and maintain rules and policies that help stop fraudulent orders before they’re shipped.

When merchants have a comprehensive view of transactions, they are empowered for quick and confident decision making. By using machine learning to set rules and automate approve and decline decisions, merchants can lower operational costs and drive greater scalability for their fraud operations teams.

Manage your exposure to risk without impacting your customer experience

Automate your decisions and reduce false declines

Online consumers tend not to return to a merchant who has previously declined their transaction- so accurate evaluations of risk and trust means merchants will never mistake good customers for bad actors again.

Accurate decisions increase your revenue

With online fraud costs on the rise, blocking or challenging known fraud attacks and suspicious activity, while giving good customers a frictionless, personalised experience is key.

Stop losing your money to fraud

Fraud costs can quickly add up, so preventing malicious or suspicious activity is critical to success. Manual reviews are inefficient and merchants can put more time, resources and personnel into true business growth.

Use AI to detect emerging fraud attacks quickly

Our AI technology weighs the risk of fraud against the value of the customer, by analysing billions of historical transactions to look for signals that have indicated fraud in the past. In an instant merchants can approve high-trust interactions, decline low-trust interactions, or review anything in between.

Merchants can detect emerging fraud attacks before they take place, avoiding them turning into chargebacks.


Allows for customisation of risk thresholds so you can more efficiently achieve desired business outcomes of reduced: decline rates, fraud rates and fraud operation costs.

Customise policies from the fraud control platform

Kount Command can be integrated both in bespoke platforms and applications, as well as across several marketplaces including Salesforce, Magento and Shopify plus others, offering a quick and painless integration process.

The rules and policies are fully customisable to meet your unique business needs, so you can fine-tune your fraud prevention strategies and set risk thresholds to address emerging attack methods and new use cases. You can investigate customer activity and be notified of any concerns that could impact customer experience, and identify the reason for the decision outcome, all whilst monitoring performance from one place.

A real life example of digital fraud prevention

"An online and mobile ski marketplace saw two years of solid growth, however, found themselves no longer able to manage fraud attacks manually. Post implementation, they saw a reduction in chargebacks and fraud of 77%, they were able to block over $350,000 in fraud attempts, grow their sales for the next four years straight and confidently expand their business into the European market to grow their mobile transactions, all whilst fully eliminating manual reviews."

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