Providing expert insight and solutions into the Utilities market
Utilities Solutions

We provide UK utilities companies with a range of products and services helping them make better informed decisions at every stage of the customer’s journey.

We can help you build the most complete view of your customers, enabling you to provide the best experience by:

  • Understanding and identifying who your customers are
  • Helping to meet regulatory requirements for transparency and treating customers fairly by offering the correct tariff or payments terms, and identifying vulnerable customers, and
  • Ensuring profitable supply of services

We understand the many challenges facing the utilities market including regulatory requirements, increasing competition in supply and the need to achieve cost efficiencies. The need to better identify, understand, target and manage customers has never been more important, especially to identify new opportunities for income generation, effective customer management and proactive fraud, collections and recoveries management. Our insights are available as individual solutions or can be combined to address broader business needs.

Find new customers for energy providers
With our extensive data sets we are perfectly placed to help you find the best prospective customers for your business and how best to market to them.

We can help you:

  • Analyse your prospect data and prioritise those individuals most likely to buy
  • Identify who to target and when and how to communicate with them for the best return on your marketing spend
  • Make the most of your customer data by minimising errors and filling in gaps.

Acquire new customers: account opening
Making your application process faster and simpler for new customers and improving your business' protection from fraud and bad debt go hand-in-hand with Equifax.

  • Verify customer data and identities to mitigate against potential fraud
  • Assess new customers' current and likely future financial stability
  • Rapidly and accurately make complex decisions, such the best tariff and payment terms for each new customer
  • Show your commitment to meeting regulatory and legal requirements such as transparency, treating customers fairly, data protection, and anti-money laundering by building compliance measures into your customer boarding process

Customer management
Your customers are your greatest asset. Understanding them as individuals, as a group and as customers is the key to maximising your relationship with them.

  • Identify how different customers are likely to react to different offers or messages such as ‘dual fuel ‘and add-on services
  • Identify forwarding addresses and other contact details for customer retention and customer management strategy
  • Receive early warning indicators to enable you to proactively manage a customer showing signs of financial distress

Collections and recoveries
Whether you're collecting debt or selling it on, we can help you evaluate what you're owed and how best to go about recovering it.

  • Gain an understanding about whether your customers can pay, can't pay or won't pay, so you can determine the best collection strategy.
  • Identify forwarding addresses and other contact details for lost and elusive debtors.
  • Calculate an accurate purchase price for a book of debt
Featured Products and Solutions
Identity Verifier
The market leader in ID verification and authentication
Providing a quick and flexible way to trace and locate debtors
Commercial Credit Reports
Comprehensive, accurate, real-time commercial information
Consumer Credit Reports
Predictive consumer data to help you mitigate risk and maximise growth opportunities

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