Takes an individual's last known address and helps you find where they currently live

Product Overview

Knowing where an individual currently lives is often not a straightforward matter: an individual moving from their last-known address to a new one can include to a parental address or to temporary accommodation, such as rented property or student accommodation.

By providing a comprehensive audit trail of all address movements for the individual, our Trace Person Report helps you to identify their current residential address.

Furthermore, name and date of birth matches help you find individuals where a continuity of address movement cannot be established.

We will provide insight into the details of other addresses where the individual is known to have lived, including intermediate addresses and the date(s) that the movement from one address to another was established.

Addresses for individuals with the same name and date of birth are also provided, as is supporting data from our databases, including aliases, dates of birth and matches to mortality data.



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