Public Sector Gateway
The most comprehensive online investigative solution in the market

Find, Verify, Investigate

Equifax Public Sector Gateway gives you direct access to – and in-depth insight into – accurate, real-time data.

Our understanding of the public sector has been gained through working directly with central government, local government and law enforcement agencies. This, combined with our consultative and proactive approach to creating and integrating the best solutions for our clients, means we are well-placed to be the preferred supplier of insights to the public sector.

Equifax Public Sector Gateway can be used in many instances, including but not limited to:

  • Welfare benefits
  • Tax credits
  • Local services
  • Asset and debt recovery
  • Evidence

Using Equifax Public Sector Gateway has already created a 10% uplift in the number of people we can trace for collections. It’s an essential part of the jigsaw in helping us to over-achieve on our results.”

Clive Jones, Revenues and Commercial Services Manager, Luton Council

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