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Equifax Public Sector Gateway gives you direct access to – and in-depth insight into – accurate, real-time data.

Our understanding of the public sector has been gained through working directly with central government, local government and law enforcement agencies. This, combined with our consultative and proactive approach to creating and integrating the best solutions for our clients, means we are well-placed to be the preferred supplier of insights to the public sector.

Equifax Public Sector Gateway can be used in many instances, including but not limited to:

  • Welfare benefits
  • Tax credits
  • Local services
  • Asset and debt recovery
  • Evidence

Using Equifax Public Sector Gateway has already created a 10% uplift in the number of people we can trace for collections. It’s an essential part of the jigsaw in helping us to over-achieve on our results.”

Clive Jones, Revenues and Commercial Services Manager, Luton Council


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Trace Person

Knowing where an individual currently lives is often not a straightforward matter with individual’s moving from their last-known address to a new one, including a parental address or temporary accommodation such as rented property or student accommodation. By providing a comprehensive audit trail of all address movements for the individual, the Trace Person report enables you to identify their current residential address.

List Residents

The List Residents report helps you to find an individual using only an address. The report clearly identifies all individuals who our data suggests currently reside at the address; it does not ‘hide’ this data in an overly-complex or detailed report. From here, you are able to identify the required individual and generate a more detailed report, as required, to further your investigation.

Advanced Search

Our Advanced Search Report provides a powerful means of finding an individual where only partial name and/or address details are known.

Identity Assurance

Ensuring that an individual is who they say they are is a fundamental requirement when dealing with them. The Identity Assurance report gives you this confidence and helps protect against identity fraud.

Residency Check

Knowing that an individual lives at the address that they tell you they do is essential for many reasons, e.g. to ensure contact, to ensure that the correct data relating to the individual is identified, and to assess eligibility for benefits and services that are dependent on their living in a specific area. Rather than hiding this information in a more-complex report, the Residency Check report provides a focused view that confirms whether the address is correct, helping reduce fraud and error.

Tenancy Verification

The Tenancy Verification Check report provides a comprehensive risk assessment of an individual’s continued eligibility for tenancy of social housing. This enables you to focus your resources on investigating individuals that are considered ‘high risk’ whilst being confident that other individuals are eligible for tenancy of social housing.

Full Investigation

The variety of data sources accessed by the Full Investigation report, the fact that up to three addresses can be included in the one report, and the level of detail that is then displayed, provide a wealth of information with which to further your investigations. The data provided by the Full Investigation Report, and the clear and intuitive way in which it is presented, will help you to confirm where the individual lives, who they are associated with, and what their financial status is. This can provide sufficient evidence to take appropriate action (and potentially identify recoverable assets). Furthermore, data such as new names and / or addresses for the individual, or details of their associations, can provide information with which to extend your investigation by making additional searches on internal or external databases.

Debt Management

The variety of data sources accessed by the Debt Management report, the fact that up to three addresses can be included in the one report, and the level of detail that is then displayed, provide a wealth of information with which to assess the individual’s ability and propensity to re-pay monies owed. The detailed data provided by the Debt Management report, and the clear and intuitive way in which it is presented, will help you to confirm where the individual lives, and whether they have the financial means to pay the monies owed. This enables you to devise appropriate recovery strategies, optimise the use of your resources, and make informed decisions when engaged with the individual in debt negotiation.

Commercial Report

The in-depth data accessed by the Commercial reports gives a complete view of a business and the individuals associated with it. Equifax unique analysis of the data can help identify linked businesses where fraud and criminal activity have taken place, in addition to highlighting key stakeholders linked to detrimental and fraudulent business activity. The real-time data and monitoring alerts also ensure you have the most up-to-date information, helping you make better decisions when choosing the businesses you transact with. This protects your reputation and investment throughout the procurement process.

Trace & Collect

Within our batch trace and collect service, Equifax returns a two dimensional set of results which describes whether we have traced the individual and whether it is possible to be able to collect the debt.

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