Identity Authentication

Better protect your business from unnecessary risk by ensuring your customers are providing accurate information.


Once you’re confident an identity exists, identity authentication helps minimise fraud exposure further by confirming your potential customer really is genuine and they own the data they’re claiming. 

Do this by leveraging Open Banking for identity purposes, digital document verification or by validating information customers know with a range of basic configurable questions from our unrivalled proprietary data, containing over 1 billion items to support identity and the associated risk process.

Say yes more, quickly and confidently by automating your processes and removing the need for paper proofs that can be slow, costly to process and all too easily forged.


Key Benefits

Make informed decisions quicker
Say yes or no more quickly with accurate data insights and streamlined processes, giving you more time to check more customers and the potential to make more sales.
Take control
Configure your own pass criteria to suit your risk needs, use case and customer type. We consistently see pass rates significantly uplift and it isn’t uncommon to see average pass rates of 90% or more.
Customise your competitive package
Select the best product or combination for your needs. The more verification methods used, the greater trust you can place in the outcome, but priced by usage, you only pay for what you really need. And with a single supplier arrangement, you can achieve even greater value and efficiencies.

Who's It For


We can support you in improving your customer experience, and identify, verify and approve new customers in seconds across whichever device they choose to use. 

Retail & SME
Equifax can help to ensure customer satisfaction during the buying process, so customers happily complete the payment journey, ensuring a great experience for them and maximum revenue for your business.
Banks and Financial Services
We can provide insight at the point of onboarding to identify and verify customers efficiently, so you can make informed decisions to better manage risk and meet regulatory requirements.
Equifax enables you to check the addresses of new account openings to help reduce fraud, and help verify payment details to ensure that direct debit information is correct.
Ensure that you can verify your customers quickly and accurately, to verify that a customer is who they say they are, when making a claim.  

We can help you drive revenue and new business opportunities, by assisting with checks against customer identity to support car rentals, test drives and purchases. 

Related Products and Solutions
Knowledge Based Authentication
Reduce risk, onboarding time, and further authenticate genuine customers by questioning their knowledge on personal information.
Open Banking ID
Real-time authentication and identity verification leveraging Open Banking standards.
Biometric Document Verification
Reduce manual processing and risk with highly reliable, real-time document and facial recognition through customers’ smartphone or web cameras.

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