Risk Navigator Scores Suite
Make the right decisions when considering a customer for credit

Product Overview

Risk Navigator Score Suite is a suite of market-specific scores that assess a consumer’s credit risk, helping you make effective and consistent credit decisions.

The scores have been built on large data samples, contain many population segments and summarise Equifax bureau credit information from millions of credit records, Electoral Roll and public data, previous credit searches and postcode level information.

Risk Navigator Scores can help you to:

  • Lend responsibly (by limiting lending to over-exposed individuals)
  • Reduce bad debt provision
  • Increase acceptance rates
  • Treat customers fairly by reducing bias of a manual process
  • Increase customer satisfaction with real-time decisions

The Risk Navigator Suite includes market-specific scores for telecoms, retail, mortgages, credit and store cards, loans and current accounts to maximise the predictive performance of the score on a particular portfolio. Specifically for customer management, additional scores are available for limit management and authorisations.

Each new score gives you a significant performance advantage, with a predictive power uplift of up to 22% over previous Risk Navigator scores. The earlier the correct decision for an individual is made, the more financial benefits are available.

Selecting the right solution for you can help improve business efficiency and generate further financial benefits through additional profits, reduced bad debt and lower operational expense.



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