Risk Navigator

Risk Navigator 5, is latest evolution of our flagship credit risk score that delivers a 6% average improvement* in predictive power to help drive an increase in acceptance rates for credit applications or reduce bad debt provision
Product Overview

Risk Navigator 5 is the latest addition to the Equifax Risk Navigator Score Suite that assess a consumer’s credit risk, helping lenders and creditors make better-informed and explainable lending decisions. Our latest score sets a new standard in powering better decision-making and improving consumer credit outcomes.

Developed using Equifax UK’s largest ever data set to date, Risk Navigator 5 harnesses new data sets has the potential to deliver a 6% average improvement in predictive power*.

The full Risk Navigator Suite including market-specific scores for telecoms, retail, mortgages, credit and store cards, loans and current accounts is still available to maximise the predictive performance of the score on a particular portfolio.

With access to more robust, representative data, lenders and creditors can now make better-informed and explainable lending decisions and deliver better customer outcomes.

Key Benefits

Improve risk decisions

Driven by a 6% average improvement in predictive power*

Increase acceptance rates

By improving thin file credit score accuracy, we can help you to lend to more underserved customers.*

Lend more responsibly

Enabling you to accept or decline applications more confidently with more insightful decisioning.

Reduce bad debt

Reduce your provision of bad debt by improving the identification of higher risk consumers.

Risk Navigator 5 Overview

Learn how Risk Navigator can assist your business with improving risk scores and managing risk for you and your customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Increase acceptance rates with more confidence

A 6% improvement* in the predictive power of your scorecard can help you:

- Extend credit offers to more applicants without adjusting your risk tolerance.
- Adjust credit levels and authorizations using up-to-date predictive insights on current customers.

Improve access to credit

Risk Navigator 5 has shown an 8% improvement on credit score accuracy for those with a thin credit file*.

This means lenders will be better equipped to offer credit to a segment of consumers who were previously underserved by mainstream financial institutions.

Reduce bad debt provision

Ensuring credit decisions are made using the latest predictive data available is more important than ever to treat customers fairly.

Using more accurate data, we can help you reduce levels of bad debt without decreasing your risk appetite and make better-informed decisions to improve financial outcomes.

Reduce marginal declines

More predictive data can reduce the number of marginal declines, meaning less reliance on manual underwriting assessments.

Helping you can make more automated decisions and improve the customer application journey.


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*Source: Equifax Data & Analytics. Developed using logistic regression on a sample of more than 1 million credit applications (including current accounts,credit cards and unsecured loans).

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