Open Banking ID

Real-time authentication and identity verification leveraging Open Banking standards.

Product Overview

Improve verification rates and reduce fraud risk by leveraging the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) standards needed to log into a UK bank account with Open Banking ID and prove the customer data is accurate. We can help you perform a secure, real-time customer anti-impersonation assessment, ID verification and proof of address which can speed-up your customer acquisition. 

Partners with our other identity products to help provide additional authentication, conforming to Know Your Customer (KYC) regulation as well as ensuring a compliant customer journey.
How It Works

  • Customer provides consent to share their bank information.
  • Customer logs into their online bank account to verify their data.
  • You can then perform additional data or document checks in line with KYC regulation and AML screening as required.

Key Benefits

Added protection with SCA standards
Be confident in your decision-making process as it employs existing and stringent SCA methods used in Open Banking.
Fast and robust authentication
Perform secure, real-time customer ID verification, anti-impersonation assessment, and proof of address even when credit data authentication is too intrusive or unavailable. 
Improved customer experience
Take advantage of a quick and easy process customers are already familiar with. And integrate seamlessly into your existing systems for improved and faster customer onboarding.
Competitive and usage-based prices
Select the best product or combination for your needs. And priced by usage, you only pay and get what you really need.
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