Product Overview

Equifax Recovery Insights is our new suite of 50 characteristics and two scores for the debt recovery and collections market, built from post-default balance movement data.

It provides unique insight into a customer’s post-default payment behaviour, allowing you to better assess the collection potential of your customers.

The characteristics, created and held at the person level, are broadly represented through four groups:

  • Payment frequency
  • Payment trends
  • Debt size
  • Payment stability

The two new powerful scores provide advanced insight into:

  • Propensity to pay
  • Amount to recover

The Equifax Recovery Insights characteristics can be used within collections strategies; and by combining the two scores, you can quickly identify and target key segments with appropriate collection treatments.

Equifax Recovery Insights can help you to:

Optimise collections resources

  • Improve customer profiling and segmentation
  • Build a clear picture of your indebted customers
  • Segment those that can or can’t pay
  • Queue prioritisation
  • Manage those accounts likely to continue paying with no intervention

Maximise recovery strategies

  • Optimise collections strategies and treatment of accounts
  • Verify how much and how frequently the debtor is paying off other debt
  • Create the most appropriate payment plan offer amounts

Treat customers fairly

  • Help deal fairly with those customers in arrears or in default and meet regulatory requirements
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your customers’ post-default payment behaviour


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